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Patriot Battery Metals

Patriot Battery Metals Inc. is a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of mineral properties containing battery, base, and precious metals.

The Company’s flagship asset is the 100% owned Corvette Property, located proximal to the Trans-Taiga Road and powerline infrastructural corridor in the James Bay Region of Québec. The land package hosts significant lithium potential highlighted by the 2.2 km long CV5 spodumene pegmatite with drill intercepts of 159.7 m at 1.65% Li2O and 193 ppm Ta2O5 (CV22-042), and 70.1 m at 2.22% Li2O and 147 ppm Ta2O5, including 40.7 m at 3.01% Li2O and 160 ppm Ta2O5 (CV22-017). Additionally, the Property hosts the Golden Gap Trend with grab samples of 3.1 to 108.9 g/t Au from outcrop and 7 m at 10.5 g/t Au in drill hole, and the Maven Trend with 8.15% Cu, 1.33 g/t Au, and 171 g/t Ag in outcrop.

The Company also holds 100% ownership of the Freeman Creek Gold Property in Idaho, USA which hosts two prospective gold prospects – the Gold Dyke Prospect with a 2020 drill hole intersection of 12 m at 4.11 g/t Au and 33.0 g/t Ag, and the Carmen Creek Prospect with surface sample results including 25.5 g/t Au, 159 g/t Ag, and 9.75% Cu.

The Company’s other assets include the Pontax Lithium-Gold Property, QC; and the Hidden Lake Lithium Property, NWT, where the Company maintains a 40% interest, as well as several other assets in Canada.


Winsome Resources

As the global demand for lithium continues to rise, world-class lithium explorer and developer Winsome Resources is focused on unlocking the prospects of this highly prized metal.

Winsome is well positioned to leverage the growing appetite for this critical battery metal – an integral component of batteries for electric vehicles – which is leading the surge in demand for lithium.

A proud Australian company, Winsome is focused on the exploration and development of high quality spodumene concentrate, suitable for conversion across many different battery applications.

The Company has an established portfolio of leading exploration lithium projects in the James Bay Region of Quebec Province, Canada, an area renowned for its world-class infrastructure and support for mining developments, as well as exclusive rights to explore and subsequently purchase its most recent project, Decelles. 

While almost 99 per cent of the world’s lithium reserves are in Australia, Argentina, Chile and China – Winsome’s Canadian assets – Cancet, Adina and Sirmac-Clappier – offer greater diversity and further exploration potential. All three projects are 100% owned by the Company.


Superior Mining

Superior Mining International Corp. is a Canadian based exploration company focused on the acquisition and exploration of high value Gold projects in Canada. The company is committed to creating long term shareholder value through the exploration and development of our recently acquired Jumping Moose Property located in the Gold-rich Abitibi Greenstone Belt.

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Hertz Lithium

Hertz Lithium is a junior mining exploration company and is led by a management team that has a proven track record of grass roots project development.


Hertz is focused on lithium and developing hard rock lithium along the Arizona Pegmatite Belt. Arizona is ranked in the top five in the Fraser Institute’s 2021 global rankings for mining investment and has been chosen as the location for the first American-owned lithium-ion battery plan Hertz Lithium 100% owns the Lucky Mica Property, which covers 2,314 acres in Maricopa Country, Arizona.


Based on a report issued by SGS Canada in 2017, the resource potential of the property could be between 330,000 and 551,000 tonnes to a depth of 60m with average grades between 0.3% and 2.5% Li2O.


Quebec Pegmatite

Quebec Pegmatite Corporation is a junior mining exploration company, focused on lithium pegmatite, and is led by a well-experienced management team. The Mazerac Lithium property consists of 108 mineral claims, 5500 hectares and is surrounded by other properties that are owned by major players in the lithium space. The property is located close to infrastructure and easily accessible by a network of roads. The second property is the Vieux Comptoir Property, which is located near Patriot Battery Metals’ Corvette Property. Quebec Pegmatite owns 100% interest in 84 Claims Optioned from Vendor Glenn Griesbach, and has map staked 279 claims surrounding the 84 claims. 


Power Metals

Power Metals Corp. is a diversified Canadian mining company with a mandate to explore, develop and acquire high quality mining projects. We are committed to building an arsenal of projects in both lithium and high-growth specialty metals and minerals. We see an unprecedented opportunity to supply the tremendous growth of the lithium battery and clean-technology industries. Learn more at

Amnning Ventures Logo.png

Manning Ventures

Manning is a broad-based mineral exploration and development company with a focus in Canada. Manning holds a 100% interest in the Bounty Lithium Project, located in Quebec, and the Dipole Lithium Project, in Newfoundland.  The Company also retains interest in six Iron Ore properties located in the Province of Quebec, and a portfolio of polymetallic projects in Newfoundland.

Canuck Lithium

Canuck Lithium is a junior mining exploration company, led by an experienced management team that has built multiple successful lithium companies. The first property is the AC/DC Property and is located in the James Bay Region in Quebec. This property is 30 KM southeast and 65 KM west of the Patriot Battery Metals Corvette property. The AC/DC property surrounds various intrusive suites including the lithium pegmatite prospective source rocks of the Vieux Comptoir Granitic Suite which have been mapped on the property. The second property is the Lafleur Property, which is also located in the James Bay region in Quebec. The property is 35 KM from Patriot Battery Metals’ Corvette property.   This property encompasses various intrusive rocks which have a high chance of being sources of lithium bearing pegmatite.

Flowing Lithium

Flowing Lithium is a junior mining exploration company, focused on lithium and has two properties located in Saskatchewan. The Key Well Winnipegosis Property has an average porosity of around 11% and a very low resistivity indicating a very high TDS. This property boasts a lot of positives as it is surrounded by other properties that have received positive results and there is a lack of historic oil and gas development in the area. The second property is the Type Well Winnipeg and which has an average porosity of around 13% and also has very low resistivity indicating very high TDS.



Ride Vision develops an Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS) for motorbike accident prevention utilizing advanced computer vision & AI algorithms and without disturbing riders' focus.

Ride Vision was created by technologists by day, motorbike riders by road, to give any motorcycle Predictive Vision. Ride Vision’s computer vision and neural network-based CAT™ - Collision Aversion Technology leverages standard hardware and cameras to sense, predict, and warn riders of threats on the road. Ride Vision can be incorporated into any new or traded motorbikes of any price range. Ride Vision’s unique system works by using two small wide-angle cameras mounted on the rear and front of the vehicle, that transmits footage to Ride Vision’s onboard processing unit, where a patented algorithm is used to detect and notify riders of collision threats in real-time. With Ride Vision motorcyclists get crucial seconds back when reacting to roadway threats, which could mean the difference between a collision, and coming home safe after every ride

For a list of all current and past investments in our portfolio, please refer to SEDAR filings here

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