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We Are a publicly-listed investment company (C.TIE), focusing on opportunities that disrupt their business sectors, have exceptional management teams, have sound capital structure and have support from recognized investment bankers.

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Our Story

Coloured Ties Capital is a Canadian investment issuer built on a simple premise:


“Investors always know what they want. If they want to invest in red ties, we won’t try to sell them blue ties.”


Individual investors like you have spoken. You want something new. You want to earn exponential returns on your investments. You want access to the exciting world of pre-IPO investing.


We hear you.


At Coloured Ties, we give individuals the ability to participate in early-stage investment opportunities that are usually only accessed by accredited, high net worth investors. Using our extensive network of contacts in the venture capital sector, we identify and capitalize on well-managed, undervalued companies that offer extraordinary potential returns on investment.

Early Stage Investing is our Business

We’re not afraid to take a leap of faith with new startups. By investing in founding teams from day zero, we form lifelong business relationships that provide our partners with far more than just financial backing - including capital markets advisory, mentoring, operational guidance, and anything else they need to get their businesses funded and listed.

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An Integrated Investment Strategy

We invest in equity, debt, and convertible securities in all sectors of the junior capital markets, which may be held for both long-term capital appreciation and shorter-term gains


Using our industry knowledge and experience, we look for companies that have a strong potential for growth, or those that are involved with a segment of the market that is complementary to our portfolio. 


A key aspect of our investment strategy involves seeking out undervalued companies backed by strong management teams and solid business models that can benefit from our support and experience. We are also committed to structuring and initiating deals focused on particular resources, themes, or regions where necessary. 

Additionally, we are able to launch the development of businesses in select industries by providing assistance with the hiring of management teams, providing businesses with seed capital, and facilitating the transition of private companies to the public market.

James Bay Region Invesments

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